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Are You Finding It Impossible To Reach Your Ideal Physique With Your Fat Loss And Muscle Growth Happening Too Slowly If AT ALL ?

Fitness and Nutrition Expert Charlie McGing has discovered proven methods to rapidly transform the bodies of average guys across the country into ripped, muscle bound and aesthetic physiques to be admired… And the crazy thing is, you can eat all the foods you love and train as many times a week as you desire !

Charlie McGing


Charlie McGing

Hi there,

This is Charlie McGing.

If you’d like to shred fat and increase muscle mass in a fraction of the time it usually takes, then keep reading…

For the last 2 years i’ve been secretly working on a fitness coaching program with over 100 clients… and now i’m sharing this with a selected amount of new people through this application form.

Ill share with you other people’s success stories of how members have seen drastic changes to their physiques within weeks, fully motivated and super consistent.

By the end, you’ll know this can (and will) work for YOU, as well.

But first…

It All Started 5 Years Ago…

After making huge amounts of progress within only a year of training and dieting in the right way, i started to get guys come up to me and ask me ‘How I Did It’.

I heard multiple stories of guys training their asses off, dieting hard and STILL not getting the results they wanted.

So i said enough was enough, and from then on i made it my mission to end the struggle of guys putting in huge amounts of effort in their fitness but getting minimal changes to their body.

No one ever expects this, but as 17 year old i was the smallest, skinniest guy you had ever seen with the worst genetics for building muscle and a strong ectomorph body type (hard gainer).

Thats me at 17 years old on the left… and my transformation on the right.

I rose from a measly weight of 55kg to 73kg in just 1 year, both bigger and leaner than i was at the start. And now at 5 years i am still pushing my genetic potential at 82kg.

I did this all through optimising my training, diet and supplements, and by simply changing my routines, habits and lifestyle so that i progressed at the maximum rate every single day.

You and i both know that this kind of change isn’t easy.

But with the right knowledge, commitment and determination it was made possible.

Bodybuilding Competitions…

4 years into my journey I even successfully competed in Mens Physique shows around the UK, dieting down to 6% bodyfat whilst maintaining all my muscle mass.

Learning from fellow competitors and some of the best coaches in the world i learnt the secrets of fitness at the elite level that i now pass down to my clients so they can reliably get in the best shape of their lives.

This also allows me to be able to coach and prep clients for competitions, so that is always an option for those who want to step up.

After Learning Competition-Level Diet and Training Techniques I Wanted To Use It To Help Others

On a daily basis i had guys send me emails about how they’re frustrated about not getting the results they want.

A lot of these guys were going to the gym 4,5 and 6 times a week and still not building muscle at an acceptable rate, if at all.

Another huge problem is that guys would try and lose fat, so they would reduce the calories to lose weight, only to find out they were losing they’re hard earned muscle and would finish with the same bodyfat as they started with a fraction of the strength they originally had.

Some guys were just starting out at the gym and literally had to idea where to start.

I looked back at my own experience of my first year of training: spending huge amounts of time and money on gym memberships and supplements with little to no results. I wish this program had available to me then !

I Realised To Make REAL CHANGES In People’s Lives I Had To Make A Program Designed With Specific PROCESSES That Guarantee Results For The Participants.

So as a Bio-Engineering graduate not only did i have an extensive knowledge of the human body down to the specific chemical processes inside the cells, i knew that in order to get reliable and guaranteed results in a system you had to have specific processes in place to achieve that.

This is how my 3 month transformation program was born…

I created a program whereby each process was perfected and optimised for one purpose only: To get YOU Results.

Transforming guys to their specifications became guaranteed. And now EVERYONE who comes through the program gets results.

Yep, thats a 100% success rate for those who implement.

Who I Am Looking For To Join The Program

In this program i am available to provide my full expertise for the participants involved and guide them through the process so they feel totally confident in what they’re doing.

However, this means i can only take on 100 clients per year. So this means i have to be selective in who i accept on to the program to maintain my 100% success rate.

So i’m looking for super committed action takers, who really want to take their health and fitness to the next level and transform their lives for the better.

We have a culture in the program whereby we all help to motivate each other and bring each other up to be the best we can be, no matter what point in your journey you are when you start.

To Give You An Idea Of What Kind Of Results You Can Expect, See Some Of My Clients’ Transformations Below

Dan had been using his own basic workouts from what he had read online but was not at all sure if it was the right thing to do, as there loads of different opinions and methods posted on bodybuilding sites around the internet.

He was not making progress and wanted some clarity into what was going to take his fitness to the next level.

He had a holiday to thailand coming up and wanted to look in the best shape he possibly could, and maintain it.

Dan was committed and motivated, he just needed the knowledge in order to make his ideal physique a reality, so i invited him to the program.

By changing up his workout routine, diet, and supplementation plan we optimised his progress and allowed him to fulfill his true potential.

After that he felt a lot more confident in what he was doing. Especially with his macros and dieting, which can be very difficult to work out with so much conflicting information online.

Within 3 months he had turned his physique from good, to incredible. Needless to say he had the best physique around for his holidays !

Awesome transformation Dan, well done !

And The Transformations Keep Coming…

Now Let Me Ask You… Are You Ready To Transform Your Fitness, Health and Life ?

People coming through this program not only make changes to their physiques.. but their whole life changes because of it.

Not only do they lose the fat they’ve always been trying to get rid of and build huge amounts of muscle, they become more confident. They have more presence at work, guys respect them more and girls look twice. Their brains work better and faster, with a better memory. Their energy levels increase and they start to feel amazing ALL the time.

Its incredible the impact of health and fitness can have on your life.

I want this for YOU.

Know now that you can take control of your life.

I have made it my life passion to help guys like you and I want you to be the right guy.

If you feel like this is the right thing for you, fill out the application below and i will read every word of it.

Then follow on to the next page and schedule your 30 minute application call with me.

If you are accepted on to the program, trust me, it will transform your life.

You can do this.

Good luck and i’ll see you on the other side !

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